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About Tranquil


Use new and innovative thinking to provide path-breaking solutions for a better life.


We aim to provide cutting-edge software solutions using the best business practices and ethics with total commitment and innovative thinking.

Tranquil Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was founded in March 2010. Tranquil Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has been established with the aim of providing cost-effective technology solutions. We are a small team of extremely dedicated and competent professionals. Our driving force is our passion and drive to provide innovative solutions aimed at improving our daily lives. We offer customized software solutions targeted towards all sizes of entities from Corporates to Individuals. One of our solutions ParentNet(beta) is aimed at creating a vibrant online community of parents. This is with the intention of taking parents closer to each other. Our constant aim is to alleviate our day-to-day problems with innovative and creative solutions. We keep our eyes and ears open to feedback and criticism to improve constantly.

Our organization is dedicated in the endeavor of helping technology reach a common person and to help him/her enhance the quality of his/her life.

We always strive for perfection!

We value our employees as our most valuable assets. At Tranquil, we focus on empowering each employee to promote our philosophy of “employee ownership and entrepreneruship” which in turns helps strengthen our brand equity.

At Tranquil, our bouquet of services caters to the unique needs of our customers, and our unique selling proposition is geared towards this end. We stand by our values of:

  • Innovative Spirit
  • Customer Value
  • Ethics
  • Excellence
  • Great Work Environment
  • Flexibility

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