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Good Content is key to SEO

SEO or search-engine optimization, in simple terms, means optimizing your content in such a way that your website appears very high on organic (regular) searches. With millions of websites out there on the internet, it is a struggle to figure high up in searches on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. Not only that, good content helps in engaging the reader, informing and giving them information that they desire and need and making them take the desired action.

How often have you gone to a website that has the razzmatazz of flashy banners, popups, great pictures, but when you actually read the content it disappoints you. You want to be out of there fast. Remember the packaging needs to be attractive and aesthetically pleasing to entice the reader but what holds the reader’s attention is what is written there and whether it is of any use or relevance to what the visitor is searching for.

So, when you design your website or revamp it, remember the content. But, what is good content-Stylish language, heavy words, lots of day-to-day lingo thrown in, good grammar, and punctuation? I would say – a little bit of all of these, and it would totally depend upon the nature of your product or business. But certain guidelines that each one can go by when doing content is easy text not fluff that reads well, is simple to understand, maybe has bulleted points for easy comprehension, gives you statistics to back the claims, must be free from errors of any kind – grammar, punctuation or spellings, makes sense, has a good beginning and an effective ending, and must seamlessly help you maneuver from one webpage to another.

Good content, therefore, goes a long way if you want your online initiatives to succeed. All the spend on advertising and marketing initiatives will not work if all that ends up achieving is directing a visitor to your website, which is ill conceived or ill worded. Hopefully, by now, you must have realized how crucial good content is and not just for SEO but for your image too, after all your website is your face to the world.

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