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Why should every consumer receive a Diagnostic Report in their inbox?

on March 10, 2012

It is quite routine for us to get blood tests, urine tests and multiple other tests done even for a regular cold or cough. So, we trudge along to a Diagnostic Lab or a hospital and get the tests done. Then, we call up to find out when the Diagnostic Report is ready and arrange for someone to pick them up. In the bargain, we end up wasting precious time and have to make a trip not required. Sometimes the diagnostic report is urgent in nature, and we are on tenterhooks waiting for it. Would it not be more convenient if the test results or the diagnostic report could come right to our inbox along with a notification sent to our mobile phones when the reports are ready? It surely would be! Who does not carry a mobile these days or have an email account? But, even in a big city like Bangalore, the best of hospitals do not offer this facility.

All it requires is a simple software that any hospital or Diagnostic Lab could opt for that would take care of the above.

The features that such software must offer are:

  • Ease of use
  • Quick and timely delivery
  • SMS notification facility
  • Accuracy and Security
  • Privacy
  • Scalability and Intuitiveness

As a hospital or a Diagnostic Lab, this would be a big plus in your commitment towards offering better experience and services to your end consumer. As a consumer, you really must have this service for its sheer convenience to you. Think about it, it will be easy for you to have all your diagnostic reports in your mailbox. So, at any given time, all you need to do is to pull them up chronologically and provide to your doctor. It will be a great database for you to have all your diagnostic reports as well as those of your family in one single place. Just think about it! How many of us are actually retaining all the test reports over the years through multiple changes of hospitals and doctors. Wouldn’t you want to have these?

If you want to see how easy it can be to have an internet solution that offers your Diagnostic Reports in your inbox,contact us at Tranquil today, and we will be happy to showcase our LabReportz solution for you.

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